Professional Voice Actor - Actress - Mermaid


Shannon's mission as a professional female voice over artist is to bring every story to life through the simplicity of her voice. Storytelling is the heart of all great communications. Whether that story is wrapped in a 30 second web commercial or a 7 hour audiobook, Shannon strives to move your audience, entertain and grab the attention of every listener. If you're looking for a talented female voice actor you can count on to deliver your narration, contact Shannon for a custom audition or a quote for your project.

What to say about Shannon Scott? She’s simply a talented storyteller. Inspired by the beauty of art, Shannon submerses herself into every project, with the goal of bringing each commercial, video game, audiobook, corporate video, app, and elearning program she narrates to life. She draws on a varied background of acting and practical work in theatre and film to help shape her performances. Her natural ability to follow directions along with her impressive range of expression and believability will simply make your next project shine like never before.

Shannon’s main line of work is voice acting, but over the years she has  produced the audio aspects of many projects. If requested, she would be happy to work with you, bringing your audio to a whole new level.  Contact Shannon for rates.

Copy editing
Adding music
Adding sound effects
Casting multiple voice projects
Managing multiple voice projects
Casting voice over in various languages
Producing (commercials, phone services, audiobooks)
Audio Editing